Feels for Birthday: Toy Story 3 Themed Party

If you’re a kid from the 90s (which you probably are because you’re here reading this), Toy Story might be a movie you grew up thinking fondly about, most of it might have had you chasing back on closed doors to peep if your toys did indeed take life after you left. In the sequels of Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3, however, the stories grew on us and, thematically, grew with us. Maybe what I’m trying to say is that, for old time sake, throw a feel good Toy Story party, and relieve being a child and celebrate growing up.


Make children food and put them inside Chinese takeout boxes

And you can also put adult food in Toy Story print boxes or Pizza Planet boxes; they go well either ways. The idea is always to connect your childhood to your present by combining fun and colorful to serious and slightly dull or over conscious.


Give toys for presents

They might be novelties for you guys are (budding?) adults but toys are still fun to get especially if they’ve been chosen for you. Draw lots among your friends to see who gives a gift to whom. Choose (or make) the gift that best describes a person whether through his current interest, his favorite stuff, or to crank up the ninja-cutting-meter, by what he wanted to be growing up. Note: especially bitter-sweet for those who did NOT become as they imagined they would.


Enjoy children’s parlor games

Like Pin the Tail on Bullseye, Musical Cranes, or Etch-charades! If you stretch your imagination far enough, you can come up with your own games that may be much closer the Toy Story realities. Give away slinkies, green plastic soldiers and bottle rocket—classic toys that never get old. Remember that scene where buzz “falls with style” after cutting loose of the rocket on the first Toy Story? Give away Buzz Lightyear foam gliders like this one and start chasing fun!

birthday party supplies nz-woody and buzz

Finally, in the end, never forget whom you’re throwing such a fun party for—your friends. Say some words of encouragement and appreciation to all of them. Outside, we might all be growing Andys but deep down, we’re each other’s Woody and Buzz.

This article was brought to you by: Lilybee Party Box



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