Organizing a Disney-themed Birthday Party

disney party supplies_olaf

There will be no shortage of Disney party supplies because this an all-time favorite theme during birthdays for kids of all ages. Who doesn’t love Disney movies? This theme works like a charm and no doubt your kid’s party will be a success. Plus there are many Disney characters to choose from! You will never run out of ideas. Just pick out what your child likes the most and you’re all set.

Other than the party supplies, the food should be carefully planned as well. Children are hard to please when it comes to food, so it should not only taste good but infused with a creative twist. Try renaming your menu with quirky labels such as Elsa’s snowflake pretzels, Olaf’s summer Jell-O dip, and Anna’s Choco-loco brownies inspired by the movie Frozen.

Stretch your brain cells on crafting fun games and activities that could exhaust a bit the little ones so they could behave properly during chow time. Remember to stick to your current theme as the tykes would expect exciting movie-inspired games. The same formula on naming the snacks, turn the classical games such as “Simon says…” into “The Ice Queen says…”; “Pin the Nose on Olaf”; “Musical Chairs” into “Musical Thrones”; and “Pass the Parcel” into “Pass the Snowball” (a humungous “snowball”, of course).

Well, if you’re tired of, somehow, traditional games, you may try what we found online as enumerated below:

  • Snow Sled Race = the sled from a used carton box, a yarn string to pull the box, and a block of ice. A game best played outdoors. The challenge is to prevent the ice from sliding or slipping which is not an easy task.
disney party supplies_snow sled race
  • Frozen Scavenger Hunt = the clues are based from the movie’s songs and (a personal suggestion) the finale is searching for Queen Elsa’s crown or gloves.
frozen scavenger hunt


  • Assemble Olaf = remember the scene where Anna, Olaf and Kristoff jump off a cliff? There are two versions, 1) assemble an Olaf out of styro, sticks and a carro or 2) the yummy kind, out of marshmallows, pretzel sticks, and mini candies.
olaf pancakes
  • Do You Want a Build a Snowman = a summer version using rolls of cheap bathroom tissue rather than actual snow. It is like “mummifying” your partner. For the final touch, accessorize it with a scarf and a beanie and a carrot for a healthy treat.
disney party supplies
  • Melt an Ice Cube = the players take turns and whoever melts it first, wins. This game is laced with science concepts so it is a fun learning experience, too. For instructions, you may visit this link.
ice cubes

Do you want something wilder? How about “Guess the Lyric” game? Children will surely go bonkers to sing-along and you will definitely have a musical-filled afternoon. Classy, isn’t? And, nope, this post is not all about Frozen. It is just a speck of your imagination…




But, who doesn’t love Olaf?! Chill out, guys! And keep the party ideas flowin’!


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