Plants Vs. Zombies Party Ideas

One thing that don’t mix well are kids and vegetables. The same mismatch might be true for making its way into kids’ party supplies. New Zealand is a country known for fresh and naturally grown produce that it kind of makes it a shame that vegetables are not as child celebrated as much as it is a vital part of a growing big and strong. Worry not though—one combination that works are vegetables and zombies and the success of Plants vs Zombies (PopCap Games) can attest to that.


It’s hip, it’s cool and it’s an idea that kids (and even adults) may love. A PvZ party might just open the door to revolutionizing fun and reintroducing vegetables in a new light. One such way is to…

Make a menu and name it PvZ style

Front and center of the game is its main playing characters, the Plants. They range from ornamental suppliers like the Sun Flower and Marigold, to the artilleries like Pea Shooter. Aside from the iconic Pea Shooter, the other vegetables that made the anti-zombie artillery are Potato Mine, Bonk Choy, Cabbage Pult, Bloom Shroom, Cob Cannon, and and tile turnip, not to mention the a number of other fruits in the form of bombs, shield, and weaponry. Play with them and make an awesome menu. Even tell the kids that they will get the veggies’ powers if they ate enough.

Turn video to Real Life Games

PvZ is a tower defense game where you have to protect your home by strategically placing plants to deter and defeat zombies. Within the game are other mini games like Whack a Zombie and Wall Nut Bowling. These ideas aren’t at all impossible in the real world—a cheap ball painted brown with goofy eyes can pass for a Wall Nut. And you don’t have to stick the app’s formula too! Pin the Tail on the Zombie, anyone?

Teach them to Plant

And you can also make this a main event. Teach your kid as well as his friends how to plant. Assist them on digging dirt. For that moment in their life, make it known to them that the plant is a living thing and that they are responsible for it. It could be an annual event where they grow as the plant grows. Not only are you giving your kid and his friends the gift of responsibility, they also learn that some things pay off if they give the time to wait and put in the right efforts.

PvZ is such a flexible theme that this list could go on to have more items, but what you have above are just some of the most memorable and probably adult entertaining activities that you can try on your kid’s next party. And also, don’t forget Crazy Dave’s taco. Crazy Dave loooves his taco.


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